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Love warm winter day from the heart , New Year’S “heart” warm Hetian county

Author:xinlianxin    Time:2018-01-25

Love warm winter day from the heart , New Year’S  “heart” warm Hetian county


At the beginning of the New Year, Xinlianxin fertilizer company had heared the primary school students lacking of warm clothes in Hetjian county, so the whole Xinlianxin fertilizer company launched a donation activity. On Jan. 20, carrying the warm supplies to the town of Gulahema in Hetian county, Our company will assign the supplies to each place where they were needed.

   On Jan.22, 11 o’clock in the morning, Xinlianxin company cares about the Hetian county of the donation activity at the country of Maimaiti country, and 1000 people of the Uighur came to the scene of the donation. Yutian county party committee, the arganization department minister, the steward, Xinjiang Xinlianxin company deputy general manager, marketing management department chief, business manager attended the donation activity.

  The donation activity helped the poor people to solve the actual problem, to promote national unity, to show Xinlianxin fertilizer company social responsibility. We believe, at the help of the Xinlianxin fertilizer company, the children of Hetian county will spend a warm winter!


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