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  • Love warm winter day from the heart , New Year“heart” warm Hetian county

    2018-01-25 10:34:17

    Love warm winter day from the heart , New Year’S  “heart” warm Hetian county At the beginning of the New Year, Xinlianxin fertilizer company had heared the primary school s

  • Xinlianxin company become the member of the SCPNF successfully

    2017-08-16 11:36:39

          In recent days, the Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science organization of Chinese plant nutrition and fertilizer science academic annual meeting was held in Su

  • Jiujiang project construction progress

    2017-12-06 16:16:32

    The general situation of the whole project1.The warehouse construction: The tower built finished-parts storage.2.The drum construction: The drum ground 50% complete, 90% roof installation is completed

  • Ms Dic in Turkish KMIS Company Visited Xinlianxin Company!

    2017-06-07 15:11:36

    On 6, June 2017, Ms Dic from Turkish KMIS Company came to visit Xinlianxin Company. From 2017, the two companies begin to cooperate with each other and up to now; KMIS Company has purchased about 2000 metric ton melamine from Xinlianxin Company.

  • Xinlianxin Melamine Project Has Finished!

    2016-08-16 16:57:55

    In April, 2011, Henan Xinlianxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd set up its wholly-owned subsidiary in Manas County of Xinjiang Provine which is called Xinjiang Xinlianxin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. The subsidiary aims at establishing a melamine project with an annual capacity of 60 thousand metric tons. Now, the project has been finished.

  • Nine Countries' agricultural experts visit Xinlianxin

    2016-04-21 17:21:08

    On May 19th, Xinlianxin Company once ushered a group of foreign visitors. The 38 foreign agricultural experts from Armenia training course of agro-technical popularization came to Henan Xinlianxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd to have a visit.

  • China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association – SCR Urea Aqueous Solution Branch

    2016-04-21 17:21:08

    At this conference, Xinlianxin Company was elected to be the vice-director unit of association. All of these actions have greatly enhanced XLX's reputation.

  • The 8th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2015

    2016-04-21 17:21:08

    Bringing together over 350 senior executives from across the North American emissions industry, the conference features dedicated streams for the on- and off-highway sectors, light-duty vehicles and passenger cars, marine vessels and host the DEF Forum.

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