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Xinxiang municipal party committee propaganda department minister Ding give the culture of Xinlianxin a thumb-up

On the morning of March 21st, Xinxiang municipalparty committee, propaganda department, visit the Xinlianxin fertizlier  company culturt construction work.
  Cultural construction is to improve the quality, solidarity, to ensure the development of the project. At the Xinlianxin Culture exhibition hall, the staff of it introduced Xinlianxin fertilizer company’s development process, and the carry out the work of enterprise culture construction practice .
 In recently, Xinlianxin company culture make construction to promote the understanding, unified thought, unified enterprise as its own duty, and built the propaganda team.
 Xinlianxin fertilizer company can publishded the newspaper and books such as “The move Xinlianxin ” “The development research of Xinlianxin ” “The corporate cultrure handbook of Xinlianxin ” “Heart story” “Heart view” and so on. From now on, Xinlianxin fertilizer company has published 452 paper, and broadcast video press 360, and more than 1000 pieces of articles to china chemical industry news. The cultural exhibition hall has received more than 30000 People that spread the core value of Xinlianxin fertilizer company.
Ding minister give secretary about the culture of Xinlianxin fertilizer company.

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