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Mission: for a better tomorrow.
For a better tomorrow, this is the social value of the company. A better future, this is a concept, a faith, a vision and also a goal for each employee in the company.
Management theory: dedicated and credible
In the company, every employee knows and practices such a philosophy: keeping improving the quality of products and services. We devote to make our users, partners and the public satisfied through continuous innovation in the constantly-changing and developing market.
Spirit: devotion in Self-actualization and work.
The company takes it as the enterprise spirit and encourages employees to improve themselves and devote themselves to their own work earnestly and strictly.
Code of Conduct of Employees: Stressing enhancement of ourselves, subjectiveness and effectiveness.
All employees shall undertake every work in a creative way to bring subjective initiatives into full play with a high sense of profession, and assess the work according to the achievement and practical results of work.
Core of Cultures: Be trustworthy and grateful
Trustworthiness is the core of the company' culture, we take it as our responsibility by holding such a faith. In the company, to be grateful is a virtue, we hold thanksgiving activities in every November, including encouraging employees to write relevant articles and holding parties and so on to teach them to be grateful.
Militarized Management
The company adopts militarized management and is well known for its preciseness and perfect combination of military culture and Confucianism. New employees receive a military training that lasts for one month. All employees get a military training each year. There is a flag-raising ceremony every week for employees to review the concepts of the enterprise and understand enterprise culture. An Honesty Ding (a kind of bronze cooking vessel in ancient China) is built to set up consistent core values of the employees. The power to strictly follow orders and to continuously innovate has enabled the company to set up a team that is as efficient as a military organization.
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